Yan Yan Snack

by David Ng

in Food

Yan Yan Flavors
Yan Yan is a Japanese snack that is instantly recognizable to many.

They comes in many different flavors but the only difference is the frosting flavors. The cookie sticks are all the same.
Yan Yan Container
They come in these easily held containers. Holding one in my hand, I can not help but feel like a little kid again.
Yan Yan Container
Upon opening, you will see the cookie sticks and frosting.
Yan Yan
Take them out and this is what you get. Pictures of cute little animals and (Engrish) phrases.
Yan Yan
Just add the frosting and you’re ready to eat.
Yan Yan Dipped
Just dipping the stick in the frosting is probably the more traditional method though.

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  • bigbaldnbearded

    love this stuff ! =)

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