World’s Best Chicken – San Tung

by David Ng

in Food

Chicken Wings
I love chicken! Especially fried chicken wings. Who doesn’t?

For a while, one restaurant remains on top of it all when it comes to their chicken.

With over two thousand reviews on Yelp, people just can’t seem to stop raving about San Tung’s (located in San Francisco) fried chicken. Mixed with their special sauce that consist of a blend of honey, ginger, peppers, and various spices, the chicken wings are irresistibly good. Not completely soaked in sauce, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, the consistency is just too perfect.

San Tung has great chicken but there is one slight problem though. As you would imagine, such a popular joint has many loyal fans. The wait for a table can be quite long, especially on a Saturday night. After waiting for over 15 minutes ,  the queue of 10 tables before us barely moved and we decided to give up but not without our chicken. Instead of waiting for perhaps another two hours for a table, we ordered take out and dined in the car. I thought this would never work but luckily this stroke of genius pulled through and we were able to enjoy these delectable wing in no time.

Buffalo Wild Wings used to hold back my inner beast that is the desire for good chicken but after experiencing San Tung’s chicken… Sorry, Buffalo Wild Wing’s chicken wings…I’ve changed and my heart is no longer with you my dear. My deepest apologizes, it’s me not you, it’s me…

  • Cary23902

    I can’t believe haven’t heard of this place before. I live near by!

    I took on your recommendation and went to try it out. I went on Tuesday and it was packed!

  • JR

     Now I want me some of them chickens.

  • JDG

     This chicken looks so good. As a chicken lover, I must try these wings!

    I am booking my flight now…

  • David Ng

     I would imagine most of the time it is packed. Maybe try going before the dinner crowd to avoid the wait?

  • David Ng

     Me too… Looking back at the pic makes my mouth watery.

  • David Ng

    See you there.  

  • Foodtopii

    The line on Saturday nights are crazy. We waited over an hour last time and let’s just say…the chicken wings more than made up for it!

  • manhattan

    looks so delicious … yummy !!

  • Anonymous

    This was so helpful! Something I have wanted to try forever!!! I am for sure going to try and incorporate the culinary arts into my new blog!!!! Any advice would be appreciated!!

  • auntiesfrybread

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