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Water World
Waterworld is a “live sea war spectacular” complete with pyrotechnics. Taking place at Universal Studios Theme Park, Singapore, the live show puts its best efforts at recreating the story based on Waterworld the movie.

In an unspecified time in the future where polar ice caps melted to the point that almost all land is covered by water, the hero is trying to escape from the antagonists as they battle away in this spectacular…

Water World Actor
The stadium is separated into different sections with the front sections designated as the “soak zone” for those that want to get a little (very) wet.
The pre-show starts with a few of the actors getting the crowd excited by drenching those in the soak zone.
Water World
The actors does a great job at getting the audience involved. Here, the actor hands his soaker to a little girl.
Water World
The show begins.
Water World
Every second of the show is packed with intense blood pumping action and thrill. The hero and antagonist battles away…
Water World
The show ends with fireworks flying every imaginable direction and a model airplane sliding out towards the audience.

  • http://eattraveleat.blogspot.com/ EatTravelEat

    Wow, this really does look like the same set in Hollywood! All the differences I see are that the water guns are not brown and the walls are more greenish then brown.

  • http://www.goodfoodandtravel.com/ David Ng

    I think it was a smart move to have it in Singapore since it was pretty successful in Hollywood. I believe they are going to try the same in Japan.

  • http://seatvacations.com/ seatvacations

    this it also interact you to get wet…just like in the movie..

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