Boeing Museum
Everybody has some sort of a dream as a child. For some, it is to become president of the country and others, to become a famous movie star that is idolized by millions of adoring fan. That’s crazy right? My dream is much more realistic… to become extremely rich and be able to afford my very own Boeing Dreamliner. At a starting price of roughly $150 million, I’d better start saving and recycling them aluminum cans.

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I doubt anyone will argue with me when I say Seattle is a great place to live. Just look at it…gorgeous skyline, incredible ocean views, and lush green trees that makes up an oh so perfect atmosphere.

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Tulalip Casino
On my way from Seattle to Vancouver after seeing the Space Needle my stomach started growling uncontrollably. It was lunch time and I was hungry. Luckily for me, I passed by a relatively large casino. I’ve never heard of Tulalip Casino but figuring that most casinos have a well stocked buffet with decently priced food, I stopped by. After all, most casinos depend on the cheap food to bring in customers where they can squeeze every penny out of them at the slot machines.

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Space Needle

by David Ng

in Travel

Space Needle
Seattle is a beautiful city and at the center of it all is the Space Needle. Standing more than 600 feet tall, one can get an amazing 360 degrees view of this amazing city from the observatory deck at the top of the tower. Since its opening, the landmark have received millions of visits.
My initial impression was quite simple…I just simply couldn’t imagine a trip to Seattle without a visit.

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