Surf’s Up Waikiki Beach

by David Ng

in Travel

Waikiki Beach
People often refer to Hawaii as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is definitely something I can attest to. The sand is incredibly clean and the water is crystal clear at Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki Beach
People sunbathing and just having a great time.
Waikiki Beach
A range of incredible hotels align the incredible beach front of Waikiki.As you can imagine, beach front hotels cost approximately an arm and a leg. You are looking at a couple of hundreds a night but considering the views you have access to, it’s definitely a steal.
Waikiki Beach Front
What a great day to be swimming with the fishes.
Waikiki Pier
Surfing is a pretty big deal in Hawaii. Most Hawaiian babies learn to surf before they learn to walk.
Surfboard Rental
So you left your board at home. No problem… Surfboards are conveniently for rental on the beach front.
Surfing Lessons
Don’t know how to surf? No problem! Surf lessons are just as easy to come by.
Surf’s up dude and dudettes!

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