Steak Fajita

by David Ng

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Steak Skillet
In a previous post I talked about the Peking Roast Duck Wrap, a Chinese concoction consisting of sliced roast duck, green onions, and melon slices. Today, I would like to talk about a comparable dish, the Mexican steak fajita.

Foods of varying cultures obviously differ but the resemblances are ample.

Though the dishes originated in different continents, the resemblances are not hard to see.
Both of these dishes involve stuffing some sort of wrap with ingredients until your heart contents.
Steak Skillet
The core of the dish is the meat, which is sliced beef steak in this case. (shrimp and chicken are also common components of a fajita) Along with the beef steak, broccoli, and onion get sizzled to perfection on a steaming hot skillet.

Bean and Rice
Bean and rice completes the dish.

Steak Fajitas
Finally, grab a tortilla and stuff it with steak, bean, and rice. I personally prefer a good even combination of each item in my fajitas.

  • Jacinda G

    All of these pictures just made my mouth water. I need to try to make this dish one day.

  • Tommy C.

    I love fajitas! not with steak but chicken tho

  • Cary23902

    If you compare Peking roast duck wrap with steak fajitas, I’d definitely go for the steak fajitas. Not really a big fan of duck.

  • David Ng

     Making this isn’t that hard really. Just a few items are needed. 

  • David Ng

    Steak > chicken you noob! Heh just kidding. Everyone has their preference. 

  • David Ng

    Oh really now? I guess we wouldn’t get along very well then…Naw…I like both equally. 

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