Stanley and Murray House

by David Ng

in Travel

Stanley Pier
Stanley is a beautiful town in the south side of Hong Kong known for its elegant scenery and Victorian-era buildings.

Stanley Pier
The beaches in Stanley are just incredibly beautiful.
Stanley Umbrellas
Days like these are perfect for enjoying a nice scoop of ice cream or a cold drink.
Stanley Market
Stanley market is known for its incredible wide selections of novelty items and even brand name products.
Murray House
In the town of Stanley is the Murray House which is a Victorian-era building originally built in 1846 as the officer’s quarters of the Murray Barrack. Originally located in Central, Hong Kong, each piece of the building was individually labeled, moved, and reconstructed on this new site.
This building has seen the darker of times in history and is widely believed to be haunted. Scary…
Maritime Museum
Along with the bars and restaurants, Murray House now houses the Maritime Museum of Hong Kong and showcases the many glories of the past and current.
Container Pier
Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum
A walk around the town of Stanley makes for a nice relaxing afternoon.

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    That place is just beautiful combination of traditions and modern look. 

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