Stanely Park

by David Ng

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Stanley Park
As “citydwellers,” sometimes we lose track of the beautiful things in life and forget to enjoy the simple pleasures. This is incredibly easy with the high-tech, fast paced city lifestyle many of us have grown to be accustomed to.

Stanley Park
Sometimes, a break in nature can do wonders. Conveniently located minutes away from downtown Vancouver, Canada, Stanely Park is not only incredibly beautiful, it is also one of the largest parks in the world.
The park boosts over eight million visitors a year. That is a pretty big number in my book.
Stanley Park
The wonders of nature will transport you instantly away from the hectic city scene.
Stanley Park
Stanley Park
With its scenic views, it is no wonder many couples choose to start their new lives together here. The park hosts numerous weddings yearly.
Stanley Park
Stanley Park also houses many sports and activities year round. The Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club is located inside.
Stanley Park
Stanley Park
Overlooking the city you can indulge in the stunning views of Vancouver.

  • Jacinda G

    Stanley Park looks like a beautiful place to visit. I think it would be a great break from the daily hustle and bustle.

    I have also never heard of a bowling alley inside of a park! Interesting!

  • David Ng

    It’s lawn bowling. I’m not really familiar with the rules but it looks like quite a few people gather to play during the weekends.

  • Juliet-km

    This is not actually Stanley Park, but another beautiful park called Queen Elizabeth Park, and that dome is the Bloedel Flower Conservatory. Yes, the view of downtown Vancouver is stunning, even at night, though it is a 15 minute drive from the downtown core at best. Nearby is also the VanDusen Gardens, which are even more spectacular.

    Stanley Park is literally adjacent to Downtown, and is like no other park I’ve ever been to. I have actually been lost a few times on all the walking and riding trails, and it is virtually impossible to tell that you are in the heart of one of the biggest cities in Canada. The air quality is like healing elixir for the lungs!

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