Reno, Nevada

by David Ng

in Travel

Reno is Las Vegas but minus the glamor and perhaps a little bit more bland, sorta like a little brother. Though Reno is in the same state as Las Vegas, they are anything but near. With a 8 hour drive separating them, Reno in all means is its own separate identity.

We arrived at around 10 O’clock but the downtown area is already basically dead. I can’t help but imagine the thoughts running through the taxi driver’s minds as they waited mindlessly on the street for hours. Perhaps the thoughts were something in the lines of: “Where the hell is everyone?” and “Why am I even here?”
Sand Regency
The hotels weren’t as in your face as the ones in Las Vegas which gave them I guess a more “homely” feel.
Silver Legacy
All the major hotels were connected through underground walkways which sorta explains why there weren’t many people outside. Then again…there weren’t even that many people inside the hotels.
Circus Circus
The sign outside of Circus Circus looked like it was suppose to be lit but I guess they recognized that nobody was outside to look at it anyways so why not save a few bucks.
The rest of the city was like any other city but maybe there were a few more motels here and there.
The view of Reno from afar was not bad with the mountain in the background. As you would imagine, being situated on top of the mountains the temperature was a bit cold.
Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast buffet. The empty spot on the plate was reserved for an omelet but the line was too long.
Prime Rib
Prime rib and the usual buffet stuff. The food wasn’t Vegas quality but they’re definitely edible.

In conclusion, Reno is Vegas but not Vegas.

  • EatTravelEat

    Reno feels like Downtown Las Vegas to me in your photos. But with less people. It looks just the economic recession is quite hurting them!

    Haha, you make the buffet food look quite yummy :) . Lucky that you have good lighting in the buffet you visited.

  • Dave

    Probably the case everywhere is dead with this economy.

  • ila

    when i was a kid, we'd ski at kirkwood and then spend the night at the circus circus in reno! it's a food wasteland, but i remember the primerib being quite yummy.

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