Powell River

by David Ng

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Powell River
Powell River is probably one of the more remote places around. Getting there is no easy feat. Please allow me to elaborate.

From Vancouver, it is a half hour drive to Horseshoe Bay where you would await the arrival of the first ferry. The first ferry ride is a rough 40 minutes from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.

From Langdale, you would have to drive to the other side of the island and wait for the arrival of the second ferry. The second ferry is a longer 50 minutes ride from Earls Cover to Saltery Bay. Finally, from Saltery Bay you would drive to Powell River.

Okay, I get it…Powell River is hard to get to and in the middle of nowhere. But why would I want to go there anyways? Don’t be hasty, I am getting to that part.

Horseshoe Bay
As I was saying…the journey starts at Horseshoe Bay.
BC Ferries
If you are lucky, the wait for the ferry isn’t too long.
BC Ferries Card
To pay for the ride you buy a prepaid card at the main station. The card can then be used to pay for rides at other ports.
Getting on Ferry
After paying, you can drive into the ferry.
Inside Boat
And park your car because it is a long ride.
Inside Boat
The ride is not too bad with the scenery though.
Mini Golf
After the long journey we are finally here in Powell River. So why exactly are we here? Well, there is a mini golf course. But “there is mini golf everywhere…” you say.
Paper Factory
Well, there is a (dying) paper factory that used to be the world’s largest. But “that’s old news” you say.
Okay. The main reason I came here is for the oysters. Look at the beach! Yes, the whole beach is filled with oysters. Aside for the oysters, there are many other seafood that is easily accessible. Geoduck can be found here if you are lucky.
Starfish and crab (not pictured, unfortunately)
Even if you aren’t here for the seafood, there are many other things to do.
Like enjoying a day on the beautiful beaches.
Canoeing in the lakes.
Boating. You kinda need your own boat though because I believe there isn’t any rentals.

  • http://eattraveleat.blogspot.com/ EatTravelEat

    That’s a vast amount of oysters! Are there lots of restaurants nearby to take advantage of the fresh seafood available?

    By the way I tried Boudin in SF from your recommendation, but I got too carried ordering in Boudin Bistro. The clam chowder was great but almost everything else was mediocre. :( Only going back for bread and clam chowder next time!

  • http://www.decarshop.com Anadrol

    I’ve been to Powell River and I loved it. Nice, cosy, secluded.


  • MissJ

    I would really like to see Powell River now. It looks like it would be a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Definitely looks like a great summer vacation spot.

  • http://www.goodfoodandtravel.com/ David Ng

    Restaurants in Powell River? Sadly not many. This is a very secluded area after all.

    And I’m glad you gave Boudin a try per my recommendation. :) Definitely worth it for the clam chowder.

  • http://www.goodfoodandtravel.com/ David Ng

    How did you enjoy your stay?

  • http://www.goodfoodandtravel.com/ David Ng

    Ya, I would imagine more people visiting during the summer times.

  • http://ebonyjayne.com.au Ebony

    Looks like a lovely ferry ride

  • http://www.goodfoodandtravel.com/ David Ng

    Plus one.

  • Cleansweep1978

    Thank you for all the nice pics. I am also planning to visit Powell River this summer. Where did you find all these oysters? Is it on Willingdon Beach near the camp site?

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