Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

by David Ng

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Fisherman's Wharf
In the past I’ve talked about eating at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  First, grab a cup of clam chowder at Boudin and let’s get going, there is so much to do.

Walking on the Pier
Walking around Pier 39, you will see an assorted variety of attractions.
Aquarium of the Bay
The aquarium of the bay is for those that wants to get up close and personal with the fish. I’ve personally never been inside so I it is on my to do list for a future visit.
Pier Eatery
Lots of food and souvenir vendors.
Strawberry and Chocolate
This strawberry and chocolate stand has been there forever. I remember buying these a couple years back on a trip.
Merry Go Round
Merry go around anybody?
Belly Dancer
At the Pier is Musee Mechanique, a mechanical museum of antique arcade machines and musical instruments. Here you will find an amazing gallery of amazing machinery.
Here is a ancient arcade racing game.
Instead of pushing some sort of high end digital button to make the cars move, you turn this crank. The first one to reach the other end wins.
Blue and Gold
To get see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge up close you can hop onto one of the many tour boats available.
Rocket Boat
The rocket boat which I suppose goes really fast is new and I wanted to try it out but they were sadly not open for business until July.


There are quite a few maritime exhibits to see. There are submarines and larger commercial vessels that give full tours. You can get inside an explorer.
Street Preformer
Along the main streets seeing street performers is not unlikely. Clowns, singers, and dancers…you name them they are there.

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    This is famous in the movies and I really love their chows here. If you want bird and sight seeing, this is the perfect place to go to.

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