Peking Roast Duck

by David Ng

in Food

Cutting Peking Duck
Roast duck is a dish quite popular in Beijing hence the name “Peking Roast Duck.” (Peking is another name for Beijing) It is one of those foods that doesn’t need much explaining. Thinly sliced pieces of perfection.

Cutting Peking Duck
Some restaurants would bring out the dish already prepared but some of the higher end restaurants make it a show. It is not only a meal but art. With swift and precise movements of the blade,the restaurant staff will de-skin the duck right before your very eyes.

Peking Duck Wrap

Now that the food is on the table it’s time to get started. Grab a pancake, put in a slice of duck skin, add melon, add onion, and add hoisin (seafood) sauce. That’s a wrap! Literally.

On a side note, the pancake is often times replaced with steamed bread instead.

  • Zakie

    Looks great! Looks so crisp, I just want to run to a restaurant and grab some right now. Definitely one of my favorite Chinese dishes.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only had it with the buns. I would imagine that texture is somewhat different. Perhaps it is more crispy with this variation?

  • Dave

    I imagine it’s a lot of people’s favorite.

  • Dave

    I enjoy both. They do have different textures but it is really basically the same thing in the end.

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