Oh Vancouver

by David Ng

in Travel

I wake up to find myself in one of the most “livable” city in the world, Vancouver, Canada. (According to Mercer’s Quality of Life Survey 2009)

Vancouver Buildings
It cost 40 Canadian Dollars for a 20min trip from the dock to a hotel in Richmond. In my book, that’s pretty damn expensive.
Chinese Sign
Vancouver is the home of one of the largest Chinese population outside of Asia. With all the Chinese signs everywhere this is very evident. Being Chinese myself, I can’t help but feel somewhat at home.
Curry Noodle
I had myself some comfort food. Curry Noodles. The be honest, the quality of Chinese food in Vancouver is incredible compared to Chinese food at home(Los Angeles).
And a side of veggies with bean curds on top.
Bus Stop
After lunch, we hopped on a bus to get to our next destination. Sounds simple enough right? Well… if only the bus stop was easier to find. I had no idea I was looking for a cone.
Granville Island
We arrived at Granville Island which features many different stores selling novelty items. Is that 30 km? My American mind have difficulties comprehending. If only the US started adopting the metrics system like the rest of the world. (Okay…that wouldn’t fly…changing all the freeway signs and stuff will bankrupt the government if it wasn’t already.)
Vancouver has a lot of stuff I can only begin to dream LA had.
Canned Moose
Canned moose! Something practically every child needs.
Look at all those ships. *Starts dreaming*
Ship repair.
Ship for Sale
Ship for sale, only 1,099,999 Canadian Dollars! If you want to convert to USD, no need to bust out your calculators…it’s basically the same thing these days.
Downtown Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver is really nice. Even with all the buildings I don’t feel cramped at all.
Downtown Vancouver Garden
Is that a park? In the middle of downtown? It’s nice that such valuable space is being used to build a garden in the middle of downtown really.
Street Art
A street artist creating some masterpieces.
Bus Stop
To leave, we had to look for a bus. Okay, this bus stop was much easier to find.
Food Court
Dinner at a food court.

  • http://www.lovelylasvegas.blogspot.com/ Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

    I've only been to Vancouver once – when I was 10… I've wanted to go back and your wonderful images, especially the Chinese food and the skyline photos, are adding to that desire.

  • http://www.tomatoesonthevine-velva.blogspot.com/ Velva

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lemonpi

    Love the photos. I hope to visit Vancouver one day!

  • http://www.nibbleanibble.com/ Dave

    I've been to Vancouver 3 times. Ya, it's a pretty awesome city.

  • http://www.nibbleanibble.com/ Dave

    Definitely should.

  • http://eattraveleat.blogspot.com/ EatTravelEat

    Haven't visited Vancouver yet but now I am wanting to go more and more due to the Chinese food there that I read about on your blog and another blog based in Canada.

    The canned moose and bear were fake, right? I hope. The bean curd looks so good without the cornstarch laden sauce they usually add here in CA.

  • http://www.nibbleanibble.com/ Dave

    Vancouver is pretty similar to Hong Kong and probably the best you can get without actually going to Hong Kong. I miss Vancouver food, you won't find dim sum for $1.29 but the quality is so much better. (You're actually looking at a minimum of $3 dollars for a plate)

    And the “canned moose” is just a toy. :) No moose was seriously injured in the production process.

  • http://everybodylikessandwiches.blogspot.com/ kickpleat

    I always love seeing outsider's views of my city! Yes, Vancouver is really expensive, however, I find that if you do a bit of digging and stay away from most of downtown the restaurants are really great and really affordable. Whenever I travel, I always miss Vancouver's food. And I ride a bike here, so I don't need to take $$$ taxis!

  • http://www.nibbleanibble.com/ Dave

    Vancouver is definitely more bike friendly than LA.

  • http://www.winarticles.net/ Win Articles

    I was there last Christmas,and it was… fabulous!
    Vancouver is a beautiful city which should be visited at least one.

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