Little Tokyo

by David Ng

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Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is one of the few remaining places in the United States where you can actually still find many authentic foods and goodies together in the proximity of a few blocks. The little town is home to many Japanese supermarkets, restaurants, novelty shops and the like. Whether you are a Los Angeles inhabitant or a tourist, Little Tokyo is definitely worth a visit or two.
Little Tokyo Shops
Most of the basic Japanese foods and goodies can be purchased here.
Little Tokyo Shops
Revolving Sushi
Revolving sushi restaurant.
Little Tokyo Shopping
Little Tokyo
Little Tokyo is probably the closest thing you get to Japan…outside of Japan.

  • Jax Fiendfellr

    Wow Thatz pretty bad ass and all but seriously?! Little Tokyo? Japan really shood leave this one to China and Italy.

  • Travel agent

    Wow!!! Pretty good photographs. Shows more of shopping… Thanks for the share

  • withheld

    For Japanese-Americans and Japanese living in the area on Visas, it’s the closest thing to home. And there are a lot of them in SoCal. For Americans, well, if you’ve ever been to Japan and fall in love with it, like most Americans I’ve met that have. Little Tokyo is a Japan junkie’s fix.

    This is why China or Italy can’t touch this. Doozo Yoroshiko.

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