Japanese Gum Packets

by David Ng

in Food

Japanese Gum
People say great things come in small packages. I have no idea what they mean by that. Well, unless they are talking about these little Japanese Gum packets. Then, they are absolutely right.

Japanese Gum
Inside each of these cute little packages are little pieces of heaven. 4 pieces of favored gum in each box to be exact.
Japanese Gum
These gum packages come in many different flavors. Orange, grape, strawberry, and coke just to name a few.

  • kitchenbutterfly

    I'll have the pink balls please….as would my girls!

  • http://eattraveleat.blogspot.com/ EatTravelEat

    I know of those grape ones faded out in your photo. Those were good! Haven't had them in years though.

  • http://sparklette.net/ Veron


  • http://www.nakedsushi.net/ Louise

    I used to get packages of these all the time. My favorite is the melon flavor. I think it's made by the same people who make the grape flavor shown. The only downside to these pieces of gum is that they run out of flavor in mere seconds =(

  • http://www.hopandjaunt.com/ Aly

    Having grown up in Japan I must say that I think Japanese candy is by far better than the stuff in the States…but then again it was what I grew up with so I might not be the fairest of judges :) They had this one candy there that is probably the sourest thing in the world, but weirdly addicting! :)

  • http://tamarindandthyme.wordpress.com/ Su-Lin

    I loved these as a kid! Actually, I think I still like them – must get some next time I'm downtown!

  • Dave

    Pink is good.

  • Dave

    Actually, I think the pinkish color ones are grape and the blue ones are the crazy scientist ones.

  • Dave

    Definitely are.

  • Dave

    Ya, you're right. The flavor doesn't last that long and it isn't their selling point.

  • Dave

    I love sour sweets.

  • Dave

    Ha, never too old to be a kid.

  • http://www.goodfoodandtravel.com/ Dave


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