Getting to Places in Hong Kong

by David Ng

in Travel

Hong Kong Traffic
Hong Kong as you can imagine has one of the worst traffic situations in the world. People and cars are everywhere! At times, walking gets you to where you need to be faster than driving. Unbelievable… Fortunately, a complex public transportation system has been in place to cope with the need to “get to places.”

Hong Kong Bus Stop
Buses are probably the most convenient mode of transportation. There is almost always a route to and from every corner of Hong Kong you can think of.
Hong Kong Bus Stop
Hong Kong Taxi Stop
Of course, if you want a less public ride, taxis are the way to go. At the same time, the most pricey.
Hong Kong Traffic
Hong Kong Subway

My favorite mode of transportation is the subway though because they are not subjected to traffic delays

  • Dr. R Wayne Branch

    Thinking about going to Hong Kong soon.  What are the restaurants you woudl recommend for a vegetarian that eats fish and other seafood.  Thanks for transportation tips.

  • Veneeta Rawat

    hi, if u like Indian food – try “Woodlands” … its in Tsim Tsa Tsui area – 2nd floor of a mall (can’t rem the name) .. its near the Shangri-La hotel

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