Fusion: A blend of two cultures

by David Ng

in Food

Eel And Salmon Steak

In many Asian neighborhoods you will find Asian fusion restaurants. These restaurants serve up food that can be best described as a blend of two cultures. It is basically a mixture of both traditional Chinese and Western style food. I can only imagine the reason for the creation of such restaurants. Many Chinese business owners are shrewd minded fellows and in an attempt to cater to/capitalize on a larger range of prospects, restaurants churn out a variety of food options. Many times you will find rice topping sizzling steaks and other modernized renderation of Classic Chinese dishes. It is a very popular style of restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley area especially for the new generation of Asian folks.

  • http://www.cakespy.com/ CakeSpy

    What perfectly comforting winter fare! This is a sort of fusion I would welcome!

  • http://www.hopandjaunt.com/ Aly

    This combination is just what I crave for! I might just have to visit your side of the States, any excuse for a good dinner. Cheers.

  • Yoyo

    The tomato soup is actually russian borscht. Or Chinese-style russian borscht, I guess. 

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