Finally At Sea In Alaska

by David Ng

in Travel

Port Whittier
After 2 days of traveling around Alaska by car, I take a last peek of Port Whittier before setting off on a cruise ship to Vancouver, Canada.

Anchorage Airport
The cruise ship had buses that took you to Port Whittier(where the ship is) but we had to go back to the airport.
Set up before cruise
Registering before we were allowed on the ship.
Ship from window
Before boarding, I took a moment to see the ship from afar.
Boarding Ship
Its finally time to board the ship.
In the ship, we headed to the buffet for lunch right away.
Port Whittier
Looking at the scenery before the ship sets off.
Alaskan Train
We arrived by bus, but some came by train.
Table Tennis
Familiarizing myself with the ship before heading out of port and looking at all the activities to do.
Safety Instructions
Before the ship sets off everybody was gathered for a safety instruction so we would know what to do should we get attacked by pirates.
Having a snack before dinner.
Had ourselves some nice warm bread.
And some spring rolls.
Prime Rib
Then finished the night off with a perfect medium prime rib.

  • gomaui

    The photos of the town and mountains are beautiful.

  • Dave

    Thank you.

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