Extreme Thrills Las Vegas

by David Ng

in Travel


Thrill-seekers need to search no further. Some of the world’s most thrilling rides can be found at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. The Stratosphere Hotel, a 1,149 feet freestanding tower is home to the most extreme rides known to mankind. The rides which are found at the very top of this 100 plus story building are Big Shot (a “space shot” ride that projects the riders up vertically on a metal pole, Insanity (a spinning ride that dangle riders above open space), and X-Scream (a train type ride that leaves the rider suspended at the top of the building only to be held secured by the tracks). If that wasn’t enough, one can jump down this 100 plus story building only to be saved by a net place not too far from the ground. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
Big Shot

  • Wendy

    Holy cow!  I want to do the jump, but I’m sure I’ll faint on the descent down :P

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