Entertainment in the High Mountains

by David Ng

in Travel


On the high mountains of Malaysia one man thought it would be a brilliant idea to start an entertainment city. This man was the late Lim Goh Tong. Recognizing the potentials of building a resort in cooler climate in a country that is known for its heat, Lim (who was already quite well off) risked his entire fortune to fulfill his dreams of building a world-renowned resort on the hills near Kuala Lumpur.

Today millions of visitors flock to Genting Highlands in Malaysia for its array of casinos, theme parks, and various other entertainment.

Cable Cars

Not too far from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is accessible by both cable cars or motor transportation.

Cable Car Tracks

On the midway of the cable car ride to the resort is a temple.

Hill Temple

Not surprisingly, many people stop here before making their ways to the casinos.


Once there, you may occasionally find yourself lost considering the size of the resort.

Genting Hotel

Genting Model

A model of the entire hilltop. You can see all the hotels and attractions.

Amusement Park

There is so much to do regardless of your age.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coasters


and arcades for the children.

Redemption Counter

Market Place

Food from around the world.

Inside Genting

Gift shops and such.


Gondola ride? Yes, they have it.


Genting Bridge

So much to do and see.

Hotel Front

Casinos, shows, and etc… There is so much to do. Quite honestly, I didn’t want to leave.

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