Eating An Illegal Hot Dog

by David Ng

in Food

Illegal Hot Dog
Most Los Angeles inhabitants are no strangers to the illegal hot dog. Illegal hot dog? What are you talking about…?

Well, I am obviously talking about the bacon wrapped hot dog usually found around the street corner and in front of clubs of downtown Los Angeles.

Bacon wrapped hot dogs are so good you can smell them from miles away but why are they illegal anyways? More information after the jump.

Hot Dog Stand
The bacon wrapped hot dog as you can imagine is a heart attack in a meal and violates a few health regulations. Also, the hot dogs are cooked on modified shopping carts that probably don’t pass health inspection.

According to the Los Angeles Health department the only certified methods of cooking hot dogs are boiled and steamed. But who with their right minds will want to eat a soggy hot dog?

Often times you will see police or health regulators tracking down the “law breaking” hot dog vendor and the vendors run like there is no tomorrow to avoid punishment.
Violators of the “law” are subject to impoundment, fines, and jail time. Jail time for selling hot dogs? That is right…One woman actually received a 45 day sentence for violating health regulations by selling bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Outlawed Hot Dog
Anyways, a bacon wrapped hot dog is like a journey of a lifetime, sending you on a ride you will never forget. What you are getting into is a sausage wrapped in bacon pan fried until crispy and topped with oily peppers and onions finally to be topped with a jalapeno.

Enough talk, eat up you law breaker. (For the record you probably won’t receive jail time for eating one but oh boy does it feel good to be a little mischievous sometimes)

  • Wendy Tsai

    Wow, that looks really yummy!  How are you supposed to eat the jalapeno though?  It looks pretty spicy~

  • Johnny

    Hey David, that look’s good but have you ever tried Pink’s chili dogs in Brea Hollywood. Those are the bomb. Write an article about that!

  • David Ng

    Well, you eat the whole hot dog including the jalapeno at the same time. Or you can eat it afterwards but I like a bite of jalapeno with a bite of hot dog. =)

  • David Ng

    Oh yes Pinks. I already took the pictures for that. Might post that in the near near future.

  • Michigan Food Bog

    I never heard of that! wow…if ppl wanna buy it, why ban it? And we live in a free country…

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