Coit Tower

by David Ng

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Coit Tower
San Francisco, like many cities is huge and will take a while for you to see everything. How time consuming, right? I have a simpler solution, ride to the top of Coit Tower take a good glance at every angle of the city for no longer than 5 minutes. Then go back to your hotel to pack your bags and go home because you’ve seen everything. (And in record time too.) Just kidding…That is definitely not my idea of a vacation.

Coit Tower Peak
Arriving at the peak you will see a statue of the great Christopher Columbus.
Bottom of Coit Tower
Inside is an elevator that takes you all the way to the top. You have to pay of course. Tickets are 5 dollars a pop.
Looking out Coit Tower
Looking out the window of Coit Tower, it reminds me of Seattle’s Space Needle. They bare many resemblance except Space Needle is much more “modern.” Riding up to the top of Space Needle I feel as if I walked into the future, perhaps a scene in a some sci-fi movie. Here at Coit Tower, I feel as if I walked into some sort of castle.
View of San Francisco width=
Anyways, modern or not, both towers serve their purpose of giving majestic views of their perspective cities.
View of San Francisco
View of San Francisco
View of San Francisco

  • Janice

    This reminds me of Marina Bay Sands where you can see the whole Singapore.

  • Ebony

    Beautiful architecture

  • David Ng

     Except Marina Bay Sands is more modern and advanced.

  • Wayne

    Love Frisco!!!  It is a city that has it all.  Great pics reminding me of great memories.  Thanks for sharing

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