Claw Cake and Smelly Tofu

by David Ng

in Food

Claw Cake
The words “Chinese food” may conjure up images of har gou (shrimp dumplings) or orange chicken but that stuff only scratches the surface. With China being such a large country you’d expect the varieties of food to be immense. And you’d be correct in thinking so.

Northern Chinese food has it’s fair share of unique selections. A visit to a Northern Chinese restaurant verified that.
Sour Veggies
A plate of sour veggies appetizer. Sadly, the strong sourness overpowers the dish.
Lamb brisket, peanuts, and assorted goodies noodle in herb soup. The dish has a very unique blend of ingredients giving it a very distinct taste.
Claw Cake
Claw cake is a delightful little treat composed of fried layers of dough. The different layers make the whole cake evenly crispy, ultimately making the last bite taste just like the first.
Every culture has its own unique way of preparing chicken and this is no exception. The drumstick is very rich in flavors and every bite brings along a shockingly powerful blast.
Smelly Tofu
Those who have smelled smelly tofu before will probably not mistaken the smell. It is unlike anything else in the world. It is really a weird kind of smelly. There are people who can’t stand it but to be honest it’s no big deal. The smell adds to the taste.

I know you can’t smell the picture, but judging by the looks would you give it a try?

  • EatTravelEat

    Me want some claw cake. Now where did you get to try this? You seem to always visit so many cool places I know I haven't been to before ;) .

  • Dave

    I like trying different things. Particularly things that aren't so common.

    I don't really recall the name. It's something pretty generic like “Happy Village” or something. (Located inside Prospect Plaza, San Gabriel.)

  • louise

    Haha, 'claw cake'. I never knew what that was called in English. I just called it “Chinese pancake” most of the time if I need to describe it to a non-Mandarin speaker. I like when the pickled veggies appetizer is really sour, but I can see how some people wouldn't like it.

  • sinosoul

    geebuz, I didn't think anyone ACTUALLY ate here. This is between J&J & Mei Long Village? For far stinkier tofu, may we suggest Ding's garden, next to Lu's, a wee bit East on Valley Blvd from Happy Village. Kudo's for your efforts tho!

  • Dave

    I hate it when I can't easily identify an item in English.

    What's Tong Shui(Soup like Dessert) in English? “Sweet Water?” Simply “Dessert?” Idk.

  • Dave

    I might give that a try sometime.

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