Chinese Sugar Roasted Chestnuts

by David Ng

in Food

Chestnut Stand
As I walk the cold streets of a small town in the middle of nowhere, China something draws my attention. Look! In the distance, a distinct aroma and rattling sound oh so unmistakable. As I walk closer and closer to the source, the smell got stronger and the rattling sounds of the wok grew louder.

Can it be a chestnut stand?

Chestnut WokThe Chinese style of cooking chestnuts involve dumping them into a wok and mixing it with a shovel. This allows for even cooking eventually letting the shells become crispy.
Before cooking these chestnuts though, sugar mixed with sand is fried until pitch-black.
Chestnuts are the perfect snack on such a cold day. Some claim chestnuts to have magical properties such as healing powers…I have to agree that these chestnuts are pretty tasty but going further than that is a bit too crazy you think?

  • Jaspy

    There’s something similar to this at where I’m from. Not sure if it’s the same thing though.

  • Mariel

    how marvelous is this? i must see this one day

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