Chashu Ramen

by David Ng

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Chashu Ramen
Chashu is basically the Japanese version of Chinese Cha siu.(Marinated pork in special sauce)
To try one of the best, I visited Daikokuya (Hacienda Heights, Ca.) They also have locations in Little Tokyo, Monterey Park, and Costa Mesa but those locations are known to have hellish waiting times.

Many rave about Daikokuya as having the number one chashu ramen in Los Angeles. That probably true, if not…it’s probably pretty damn close.
Though the menu says “not your average wiener” ,with regret I have to say it’s pretty disappointing. And is that ketchup?
Tuna Rolls
The tuna rolls were small physically and taste wise. I’ll admit the rice was pretty soft though.
Chashu Ramen
The appetizers weren’t exciting but that’s fine. The chashu ramen composed of fatty pork meat, chijire style eggs, and crispy ramen made it all worth the while. The chijire egg was an experience itself. Being half cooked and half raw gives the egg a taste of simply perfection.
Would I come back? Definitely.

  • gastronomer

    I still need to hit up Daikokuya! My friend says its terrific.

  • tastyeatsathome

    That ramen makes me drool. Why, oh why, did I only discover what “real” ramen was after I had to be gluten-free? :( :( :( I could definitely go for a bowl of that tastiness.

  • Pomai

    That's a pretty “milky” looking broth. Was it called 'Tonkotsu Ramen', or just 'Chashu Ramen'? I never tried this 'Chijiri' style eggs you mention. Sounds oishii! Some ramen shops in Tokyo serve a boiled Quail egg in their ramen.

    Those sausages remind of Arabiki sausage. See my blog for write-up on that one.

  • Dave

    Oh that sucks.

  • Dave

    Best ramen I've had in LA so far.

  • Dave

    The restaurant used its name as the ramen name. So I guess it's the “special.”

  • light delight with tou tou

    I love this noodle!! it looks really yummy, and the soup must be delish!

  • light delight with tou tou

    I love that ramen !! that's my favorite type of soup noodles , especially in cold days, so fulfilling!

  • Kelly von Hemert

    So much ramen, so little time!Thanks for the great Ramen tip. I can't wait to try out the Costa Mesa location!

  • Sook

    The ramen looks beautiful and delicious!! Yum!

  • kitchenbutterfly

    That bowl of soup looks nourishing………delicious and what I need now.

  • SinoSoul

    Japanese cha shu is really so distant from “Chinese” char siu it really deserves its own moniker. Obviously Chinese char siu, by definition, should be “skewered” and “roasted”, while Japanese cha shu is just a chunk of stewed pork fat. I never understand how one evolved into the other but what they hey, Daikokuya is tasty.

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