Bread Talk

by David Ng

in Food

Pineapple Cake
In Singapore, I came across a bakery that definitely stood out in the crowd. Their buns have the best texture and their bread is amazing. Bite into a Bread Talk bun and you will be thinking to yourself “Am I eating bread? or cotton candy?” The texture of the buns is ohh so soft and ohh so good.

Bread Talk Tray
Like your typical Asian bakery all the buns are separated into their own containers.
Bread Talk Tray
Just grab a tray and choose the ones you want.
Golden Bun
Good Fortune Bun
This bakery was next to a casino so they sold “good fortune” buns. Perhaps a branch specialty?

My entire experience with Bread talk can be summed up into one word: impressed. The bread quality is superb and service is excellent. No wonder these guys were able to open up 300 branches in 10 plus countries in less than 10 years.

  • EatTravelEat

    Agreed, I had some BreadTalk in Asia too and it is pretty good. Their naan is quite tasty although not completely authentic and their Hokkaido Milk Dome is delicious! I kept wanting to buy more stuff when I visited it once but I knew I would be eating elsewhere…

  • David Ng

    Naan? I haven’t tried that.

  • dar bucz

    is there a branch here around california?

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