Alaska Capital – Juneau

by David Ng

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Juneau (also the capital of Alaska) is one of the most popular tourist city in Alaska featuring Mendenhall Glacier, Mount Roberts Tramway, and plenty of shops.

I didn’t go on the tram since its nothing special. Plus, I’ve been on a fair share of trams already, including the one in Palm Springs.
Highland Dance
These kids were Highland dancing and bag-piping in front of the tram station. Oh my, look at the stack of cash they got! (And they aren’t even all ones…)
Mendenhall Glacier
Mendenhall Glacier is basicly the main attraction in Juneau. Lots of people flocked here from the dock.
You can’t actually get near the glacier, so the park rangers bring a sample for you to touch everyday.
For a few extra bucks, you can get yourself a better view from the observatory.
Observatory View
Observatory View.
Mendenhall Glacier
Mendenhall Glacier is pretty similar to Glacier Bay, AK, except you look at it while standing on land.
Bear Attack
It’s nice to know that I can be attacked by bears at any time. Very comforting feeling really.
Fudge Store
Back at the dock, we shopped around for some goodies.
Fish Shop
And we stopped by to get some fish and whatnot.
Smoked Salmon Cracker
Smoked salmon crackers…very smokey…very good.
Canned Seafood
Canned seafood anybody?
Stuffed Animal Head
The store also sold stuffed animal head -dolls for some reason. I guess it’s more humane than this.
Lamb Rack
We had dinner back on the cruise ship. Lamb rack with mint on the side is my favorite.
Crab Leg
I didn’t mind having some crab legs either.
Lemon Shots
Lemon shots.
Two scopes of Vanilla Ice Cream and wafer stick.
Ya, sightseeing in the morning, shopping in the afternoon, lamb racks and crab legs for dinner. And after dinner? How about an on-board performance. Life can’t get any better.
Midnight Dinner
Did I say life can’t get any better? My bad…I was wrong. Midnight Dinner.

  • EatTravelEat

    Good food on the cruise ship :) . Haven't had smoked salmon in quite a while now. I remember having smoked salmon in Seattle- so delicious! I find it interesting why they bring glacial ice out…that could be harmful to the glaciers if they can't produce enough ice to recover…

  • Patty

    Super cool!? How long are you on this cruise? I've never been on a cruise (or to Alaska) – I'm afraid I may never take a cruise vacation as I get terribly sea sick. Do you? The food looks delicious both on and off the boat. What a lucky duck. Would love to hear more about your time on and off the cruise!

  • Dave

    Seasickness is probably non existent since the ship is in calm seas throughout the trip. You should go on a cruise, it's really fun.

  • Dave

    I have a feeling that the ice is fake. Probably some piece of ice from the freezer. Hehe, skeptical me.

  • EatTravelEat

    It probably should be! If not they might have activists or other people bugging them.

  • Dave

    Was thinking the same thing.

  • Kelly von Hemert

    Love the suspended tram photo. Beautiful contrast with blue sky and bright red funicular. Looks fragile, like a tiny tin full of chocolates or mint meltaways in a Harry & David's catalog.

    Also love the 'yield right of way to bears' sign. Yes, most would have to agree, cutting one off in a feat of roided out hiking agression would likely be ill-advised!

  • Dave

    Unless you're pretty brave and ready for a fight. :)

  • Sparklette

    LOL when I saw the ice all I thought was “Oh how nice of them to do that for tourists!” Educational purposes. But you guys are right. It may do more harm than good in the end, and the sample ice is probably fake!

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