Adventures in Skagway and Yukon, Canada

by David Ng

in Travel

Ships at Port
Waking up, I found myself at port in Skagway, Alaska.

After walking out of the cruise ship, I found that a lot of people were already on their way with the day’s itinerary. Some opted for train tours but I decided on a bus tour to the Yukon territory in Canada.
Yukon Sign
After a long bus ride, we finally arrived to the Yukon Territory.
Bove Island
Some people overlooked Bove Island. Why is it worth mentioning? I’m not sure.
Emerald Lake
There was a beautiful Emerald Lake.
Important Historic Note
Signs are everywhere…and they usually tell you some pretty useful information. This sign is no different.
Get Served Chicken
We arrived to a small town called Caribou Crossing for lunch.
BBQ Chicken
The bbq chicken was great. But what I loved most about the meal was the wooden utensils. Honestly, I didn’t want to use them.
After the main course you can help yourself to some donuts. In fact…have as many as you want. It’s already paid for with the tour package. I was told that the record amount eaten was 14 donuts. Of course, I’m not even going to try.
I’ve learned my lesson from stuffing myself at the Hong Kong Disneyland Buffet. I ate so much I was sick for the next 3 days which ended up totally ruining the trip. I’d be an idiot to try that again.
After lunch, it’s time to have some fun.
ATV ride around the world’s smallest desert they say.
I believe there was some kind of doggie powered cart rides too.
Next destination was Carcross.
As I walk on the bridge I notice that I’m actually on a train track. So…if a train was coming my way. I’d be forced to make a decision.
A. Go for a swim
B. Die
Salmon Pond
Back in Skagway, Alaska there was a salmon pond by the dock.
You can try your luck at catching a salmon with your bare hands.
For the well being of my camera, I observed from afar though.
I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to eat them but when I walked to the pond I smelled bbq.
After a long day, it’s finally time to get back on the ship.
On the ship, I looked around for one last time before I left.
You may notice that there is a lot of graffiti on the mountain. It’s actually markings left by ship crew members to show respect for their captain.
I was told that some people actually graffiti under sea level. What would that mean for the captain? Or the crew member when the captain finds out?

  • Quickroute

    The scenery is stunning and the food is making my mouth water

  • Veron

    Beautiful photos and scenery!

    I love the way the BBQ chicken seller held out the food for you to take a picture.

    That shot you have of the railway tracks is my favorite. In a way it reminds me of my own experience on the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. I stood on the tracks to get a good photo before darting out of the way when the train came. He he … I imagine you probably did the same thing.

  • EatTravelEat

    Looks beautiful out there! I like the salmon pond photo :) . Haven't seen wooden utensils in a while now. I'd think I would eat at least two of those donuts! They look yummy.

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