7 Courses of Beef

by David Ng

in Food

Grilled Beef

The Seven Courses of Beef is an interesting Vietnamese dining experience that is sure to spice up your ordinary dining routine. Just as the name implies, the seven courses of beef is a meal made of beef prepared in a multiple of ways. One second you may find yourself eating away at a perfectly grilled slice of thinly cut beef and then perhaps gulping down a refreshing bowl of beef porridge the next. The different consistency and variety will keep you on your feet as you work your way across the rounds of food the kitchen has delicately prepared. The 7 courses of Beef is usually served as followed.

1. Beef and Shrimp Salad
2. Grilled Beef (usually grilled at table)
3. Hawaiian Leaf Wrapped Beef
4. Beef Meatballs
5. Beef Dipped in Hot Vinegar (usually cooked at table)
6. Steamed Beef
7. Beef Rice Porridge

Raw Beef
Beef Rolls

  • Nguyen80

     I used to eat this with my family all the time before I traveled aboard for studies. Ahh…good memories.

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